I love the art and the style and the costumes of this picture but I really resent the way the female characters are posed as opposed to the male characters.  Fiona, PB and Marceline are all posed in ways to show off the arch in their backs, their hips and breasts (and Marceline’s thigh), and the Fire Prince is just sitting in profile while the Princess is facing the viewer with more demure expression turned to the viewer.  In fact, the expression on all of their faces are a bit gender segregated too.  Finn is facing the side and Fiona is facing the viewer, Prince Bubblegum and Marshal Lee are facing each other and it looks like they’re talking whereas Princess Fiona and Marecline aren’t even looking at each other (well, their breasts are) and it appears Princess Bublegum is even blushing for some reason?

This is really sad.  The art is so amazing but it’s just really hard to appreciate it.

I usually don’t reblog stuff like this, but I really want to point out some shit. I’m not the best at typing my thoughts… so i’m gonna number off some things i guess… instead… I really don’t want anyone to resent this picture, i feel like maybe if i explain some stuff… you’ll resent it less? maybe? you don’t have to appreciate the drawing, but maybe you’ll find different reasons to resent it… other than the ones you listed…

1. a few of the dudes are ALSO arching their backs. one of the girls is not. the reason i kinda posed the girls like this was to attach visible bows to them, so i could put the ribbon trails everywhere. I could have probably posed the dudes in the same exact way, but that would make me feel lazy, and the drawing would be maybe kinda boring.

2. they’re not “showing off their breasts”. they just… kinda have them. i don’t know, should i have posed them like… back view or something?

3. I drew marceline’s leg because i wanted to show that her tights were the same ones from the henchman episode. also wanted to put more red in the composition with the boots.

4. your profile verses 3/4 face statement… i wanted fionna and cake to be looking at each other, i wanted finn to be looking away while jake was sneaking treats from gumball… I don’t really understand the problem with this… i’m probably just an idiot. I always feel a more “demure” look is when someone is facing away from the viewer, but who knows.

5. Gumball and Marshall Lee are interacting because gumball engineered up some red fruits (red lemons, red peaches, red bananas) for him to eat.

6. pb and marceline aren’t looking at each other because marceline is looking at fire princess who is looking at marcy’s ghost buds (who are blocking marceline from the firelight… but i guess that doesn’t make sense… can ghostly figures block out light? shit… shit!)

7. PB is blushing because whatever is in her beaker is emitting gas and that’s just kinda embarrassing

8. huh…. i guess their boobs are kinda pointing at each other… i didn’t notice that. you’ve got a dirty, dirty mind ;V

I don’t hate ladies. I mean, I AM a lady. kinda. I’m like… haha i’m eating pizza and typing and getting pizza sauce all over my keyboard… maybe i’m not even human


I think they look fine the way they are. Maybe it’s because I’m a fashion design student, but the aesthetic decisions done to show the clothes off didn’t bother me to begin with.


this picture is fantastic OP get over yo self

/ollies into space

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